Microban antimicrobial protection
is built-in to products during
manufacturing to provide
continuous antimicrobial product
protection. Microban protection
can be found in hundreds of
consumer, industrial and medical
products around the world.
Microban helps our partners
address their core business
challenges by leveraging our
ingredient and establishing a
compelling and enduring
point-of-difference. For
companies trying to strengthen
their businesses and address
core business challenges,
Microban represents an
alternative business strategy
that brings added value to the
host product. And, we do this by
providing a complete ingredient
brand solution including:

  • The leading antimicrobial brand
  • Innovative technical solutions  
  • Patent protection
  • Regulatory support
  • Ingredient branding marketing
  •      expertise
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  • Price Power
  • Market Share
  • Product Mix
  • Distribution
  • The eBook below is designed to help you better understand how ingredient brands create value, how to leverage an ingredient brand to maximize that value and whether an ingredient branding strategy is right for your product.
    Popular brands that are well established and widely recognized have found additional marketing strength and success by hosting and partnering with ingredient brands. DELL computers have “Intel Inside ®.” North Face jackets are made with Gore-Tex ®. BISSELL vacuum cleaners are infused with Microban® antimicrobial protection. And Mohawk carpets feature Stainmaster® protection. These examples of ingredient brands complement the power of their host product showing that brands, like people, may also be favorably judged by the company they keep. Ingredient branding can deliver powerful results in the market and their influence continues to grow as more respected brands embrace ingredient brands.

    To learn more about the power of ingredient branding, click below for a free eBook brought to you by Microban.